#1. What is the best way to eat Ice Cream?

#2. Can you usually park outside your House?

#3. Have you sang on the last train home?

#4. When a car beeps you do you wave without knowing who it ever was?

#5. Do you say Cheers Drive when you get off a Bus?

#6. Have you had a frothy coffee in a Bracchi?

#7. Have you built a Gambo?

#8. Do you have an Aunty that isn't really your Aunty?

#9. Have you taken people up the mountain to show them that you can see England?

#10. Have you been on a Donkey down Porthcawl?

#11. Have you sent a postcard when you were on Holidays, that didn't arrive until after you got home?

#12. Have you ever made Cawl?

#13. Have you ever asked a Taxi driver if they have been busy?

#14. What is this?

#15. What do you call your Mother?