#1. What is the highest mountain range in South Wales?

#2. What was the first secondary school to offer completely free education in England and Wales?

#3. What is the real middle name of Sir Tom Jones?

#4. Who could run 12 miles faster than a kettle could boil?

#5. What was the last deep mine to close in Wales?

#6. What are trimmings?

#7. Who is credited for making cremations legal in the UK?

#8. Who was the Matchstick Man?

#9. Where did the first journey of a steam hauled locomotive depart from in 1804?

#10. Who was the first Welsh woman to swim the Channel?

#11. How many World Championship titles has Mark Williams won to date?

#12. What year was the NHS founded by Nye Bevan?

#13. Who was the first female Communist Mayor in the UK?

#14. What band wrote the song Have A Nice Day?

#15. What is a Bopa?